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Gorilla Glue x THC-P flowers for cannabubs

Discover the best of both worlds with Gorilla Glue x THC-P flowers. This unique combination of high quality Gorilla Glue flowers and THC-P will bring you an experience you won’t forget. This strain offers exceptional quality and a rich flavor palette that will impress even the most demanding cannabis lover.

Excellent quality and potency

The Gorilla Glue x THC-P flowers offer outstanding quality, which is achieved through careful cultivation and care. Each flower is selected with great care to ensure only the best and most potent flowers end up in each container. By combining the popular Gorilla Glue strain with THC-P, you get a product with an even stronger and more potent effect.

Rich range of flavors

The Gorilla Glue x THC-P flowers pamper your senses with a rich palette of aromas. When you open the container you are greeted by a strong, earthy scent with notes of pine and citrus. When smoked, the full aroma develops, which is accompanied by a hint of sweetness. This unique combination ensures an unforgettable taste experience and lets you enjoy the flavors to the fullest.


  • CBD content: 22-24%
  • THC-P content: 8% – 10%
  • THC content: 0.2%

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3 Bewertungen für Gorilla Glue x TP

  1. nico.kahles1999 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Es hat eine sehr schwache Wirkung, wenn man aber THC-P Hash mit beimischt hat es eine sehr angenehme Wirkung.

  2. adrianboehm123 (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Wirkung ist okay, aber die Blüten sind so gelblich, also nicht so hell grün. Trotzdem gut 🙂

  3. Alex (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Sehr schönes Aussehen (saftiges Grün) und sehr frischer Geruch. Der Geschmack ist ebenfalls Top. Wirkung eher 4 Sterne, aber Preis Leistung 5 Sterne

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