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Fruity variety: HHC Edibles Gummies – Fruit Pits 25mg

Immerse yourself in the fruity variety of HHC Edibles Gummies – Fruit Pits. These irresistible fruit gummies not only offer an explosion of different fruity flavors, but also a unique crunch thanks to delicious fruit stones. Find out why these gummies are a true symphony for your taste buds.

Fruit explosion in the mouth:

The “Fruit Explosion in the Mouth” category presents the main attraction of these gummies. Each serving is a blend of different fruity flavors, from juicy strawberries to sweet peaches to exotic pineapple. The unique combination creates a true fruit explosion in the mouth and makes these gummies an unforgettable taste experience.

Crispy fruit stones:

Under “Crispy Fruit Stones” you will immerse yourself in the unique texture of these gummies. Every bite reveals not only the fruity softness, but also the exciting crunchy effect of the delicious fruit stones. The combination of delicate fruit flavors and the crunchy surprise effect makes these gummies an irresistible treat.

Relaxation with every pleasure:

Experience “relaxation with every pleasure” thanks to the HHC contained in these gummies. In addition to the fruity variety and the crunchy element, the Fruit Pits offer the opportunity to relax with every treat. Treat yourself to a break, leave the stress of everyday life behind you and enjoy the harmonious combination of freshness, crunch and relaxing pleasure.

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